Stephen Colbert’s Melania Trump admits the election and her marriage are over

Iit is the most beautiful time of the year. And by that we mean that Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump is active again The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to tell you all about her very last Christmas at the White House.

As the presenter explained to viewers on Monday evening, expectations for the first lady’s decorations were “higher than usual this year,” because just before she was diagnosed with COVID-19, her “boyfriend” and Melania and me author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released secretly taped conversations where she “channels her inner Grinch”.

“I work like – my ass – on Christmas stuff, you know?” Melania Trump could be heard on the tapes. “Who cares about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I have to do it right? “

“Okay, that may sound bad, but the president was right,” Colbert added. “We say ‘Christmas’ again. She didn’t say, “Who gives a fuck about happy holidays.” ”

When Benanti’s Melania Trump joined him ‘via satellite’ from the White House, Colbert began asking about the maskless Christmas parties she and her husband held during the height of the pandemic.

“Oh, who doesn’t wake up a little sick after a good party?” she asked in response. “Besides, I’ve always thought of nausea as a side effect of spending an evening with my husband.” As for her more traditional decorations, she explained, “After years of purchasing spooky decorations from the Halloween store, I finally wanted to express the real Melania. So I took these beautiful, perfectly happy trees, dragged them into the White House and covered them with glitter so you don’t realize that they are slowly dying inside. “

The Late show The appearance was also probably the closest to the first lady who covered her anti-Christmas commentary. “Stephen, that was just a chat in the locker room,” she said. “Besides, I just quoted from my favorite Christmas song.” From then on, the Broadway star began singing, “Who gives a fuck about Christmas? Who cares about Christmas? Who cares about Christmas stuff and decorations?”

Finally, after watching her upcoming memoir by reading aloud from Michelle Obama’s To become, the first lady addressed rumors that she “just wants to go home” as her husband fights to steal the election of President-elect Joe Biden.

“Yes, Stephen, it’s like I keep telling my husband,” she said. Donald, it’s over. We both know it ended a while ago. Now we just have to accept that and keep going until the marriage contract is up. “

Asked by Colbert what else she wants to accomplish before leaving in a month’s time, she replied, “Excuse me, Stephen?” When he repeated the question, she clarified, “No, I heard you. Before I leave the White House, I want my husband to pardon me. I can’t go to jail! I don’t want to share a cell with Kayleigh McEnany! “

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