RAKxa, nuevo retiro de bienestar y salud in Bangkok

RAKx an anonymous entrance to the first phase of the opening in Bangkok, Thailand, the first day, the first day of the ocean and an international customer in the coast of the sea.

Location and conservation ‘Green Lung’ in Bangkok, one of the best and a Cubierta de una frondosa jungla en el río Chao Phraya, RAKxa ofrecerá programas de bienestar personalizados diseñados por médicos certados que combinan tratamientos medical hospital medical devices medical devices tailandesa, have a look to the results of the clase destination.

Los clientes pueden alojarse and una de sus 27 villas and disfrutar de su restaurante Unam cuando lo visit.

Another 33 villas and houses are in the year 2021, in a separate phase, a group with a selection of activities and a group, and another restaurant with a special restaurant in Asia.

With a view of the airport and a large square for a foreign traffic in Bangkok available for a period of 90 days or more, for an escape option and a planned second time in Europe.

This is one of the main achievements of MK Real Estate Development Plc, Minor Hotels and VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital.

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