new regional wellness content platform

Amid the global pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and the incarceration conducted, one of the most positive changes that took place in people’s perceptions of their well-being was.

This is mainly due to things like nutrition and fitness. But there are also clear trends in it mental health. Individuals, social networks and even companies had to understand the importance of people not being in a constant state stress, anxiety or depression

However, the issue of mental health is never as effective as when it is the person in charge of their health mental well-beingThis for the simple reason that only each person can know how they feel, why and what actions to take to address the challenges that arise.

Around this idea arose recently Wellners, a platform for Latin America from wellness content focused on three areas: Body mind and soulThe project, conceived by Karen Burschtin Y Javier Lempert, was launched on the Uruguayan market at the end of February.

Karen Burschtin and Javier Lempert, Wellners co-founders. Photo: El País Uruguay

We believe that a balanced person makes balanced decisions and that this contributes to creating a more balanced world. Our values ​​are: professionalism, love, harmony, balance and communityI was 11 years in Orders, who directed the commercial area, but I was always related to people’s well-being and realized that there was no room to collect this content. You could do yoga in one place, gymnastics in another, healthy food in another, but what happened is there was no room to collect everything in one place“he described Karen Burschtin, WHO Former Senior Vice President SalesOrders, to the center El País of Uruguay.

Except working as marketplace, the project aims to generate a community of well-being, added BoyAnd he explained that if someone is looking for yoga but comes across a video on how to deal with suffering, they can hire it, “because maybe that’s what they really need. This sets it apart from a simple marketplace; here I know provides feedback between those of us who produce content and those who experience and share it

In particular, the idea quickly attracted a group of renowned investors Sergio Fogel dLocal Gabriel Colla Infocorp Ariel Burschtin Y Alvaro Garcia co-founders of OrdersYa), who, together with the creators of Wellners, form the board of the brand-new company.

The startup emerged as the evolution of the application Guide to, created in October 2020, which functioned as a content folder on this topic.

How the platform works

It offers a broad range of workshops and classes related to personal well-being, platform sends a link by email 10 minutes before the start of the liveIn turn, an app is under development so that these notifications reach the user directly, according to the co-founder.

The content production is outsourced to production companies responsible for filming the coursesIn addition, an independent team is responsible for creating the promotional videos and for distributing them, either in networks, on the platform or in different marketing channels.

Meanwhile, monetization with the brand depends on the content sold. In the case of courses, charges a commission of 20% if the sale is through the platform and 10% if it comes through the expert’s channels who does the course. For workshops or live classes, the percentage is 10%, and if the sale comes from the expert, 5%.

Wellners, the application that groups

Wellners, the application that groups courses and live workshops related to personal health and wellness

I want to empower people who offer wellness content, who often because they don’t have the right tools to distribute and sell it, can’t make a living from it. It inspires me to promote medium-sized entrepreneurs who live off what they really know how to do while helping 630 million people living in Latin America. The platform seeks to change the world, to provide moments of well-being through digital content to help you live better“, the Uruguayan entrepreneur put together.