KFC dará tiras de pollo FREE todos los días hasta el 19 de diciembre

The promotion of your account and the journey of the Uber Eats app.

Photo: David Silverman / Getty Images

The first time there is a table for the holidays and a holiday, it is one of the best McDonald’s restaurants to see for free on 14 or 24 days, including burgers and big Macs. Ahora, KFC –and asociación with Uber Eats– check prices and see the best prices for free and a comparison of $ 20 o más.

This is an important part of the price of the restaurant at Coronel Sanders’ restaurant, and it is a perk with an extra tier, an extra price, a different information and Yahoo.

La oferta únicamente available from the price of the food 19 days and the Uber Eats app.

If you have time, it’s half a month you go in and off the pollo frito de esta cadena, or if you’re offering a free promotion or no strings attached price.

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