Yuri reveals the harsh words he said to his mother before he died

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Yuri spoke on various topics, from being hard childhood, his courtship, up to his artistic career.

One of the topics that undoubtedly stood out most during the interview was when the singer revealed that before her mother died, she decided to close cycles to heal you alma.

“On the one hand, we talk about it, make sure it closes the cycles before my parents left, I’ve talked to them, I’ve spilled all the soup on them, it’s healing, that’s important, family. If as a parent you accidentally hurt your children, talk about it, close circles ”.

Continuously: “You were a mother who abused me a lot, you didn’t let me live my puberty the way I wanted, but my apologies ma, I know you took care of me.”

And even the interpreter insisted that her mother eventually knelt by asking her forgiveness, Well, he never thought it hurt that he had provoked.

Finally, the driver also assured that she buried her mother happy and content because she spoke everything, and even their relationship had improved a lot.

Yuri read the card to her mother