‘You are the communist diarrhea of ​​Cuban music’: Descemer Bueno to Yoel Martínez, from Buena Fe

The Cuban singer Descemer Bueno reacted to the attacks of Yoel Martínez, one of the musicians by the duo Buena Fe, for alleged disqualification of Bueno from Israel Rojas.

“When you don’t have a song worth it, no international accolades, you don’t know how to play guitar and you’re just another dog’s lap dog with less dignity and less shame. If you sell yourself for smelling the buttocks of those who steal your land and your people, you are a worse person than a musician, ‘Bueno said of Martínez.

“Of course you have to envy anyone who gets international recognition and we will go down in history for making the best music and standing next to people at their worst moments. does not want to listen to the voice of Silvio Rodríguez by his side. You are the communist diarrhea of ​​Cuban musicHis response on Facebook ended well.

Yoel Martínez defended Israel Rojas late February thereafter Bueno’s alleged attacks on Buena Fe’s leader

‘I can’t be silent. That Israel that is now attacking you has always defended you against those who wanted you so badlyBelieve me, it was not a few. More than once we came to places you passed and people told us you were a fraud because you didn’t sound like on the album and Israel justified you by claiming that you had a lot of work and sure that it was bothering you. You never laughed at those who made fun of you, ‘Martinez said on Facebook.

“I still remember the kind of paperwork you did at the last Josone Festival in Varadero. Even a digital magazine had to report it because you were disrespectful to musicWhen Israel saw the mail, they said it was not necessary, that they had been unfair to you. You can’t imagine the friend you lost, ”he added.

Martínez acknowledged that Good is “good musician, good bass player and like any composer you have good and bad songsBut don’t be fooled, you make it very difficult for the listener with a characteristic ‘Trino Caprino’ that doesn’t suit you. Don’t confuse the market with musicWhat God has given you, Saint Peter bless you. But humility is not in the mail and the direct. You think you are humble and that is not true. You claim to be a Christian, but pride hurts you spiritually. Hopefully you will soon find the path to ethics. May God, through a rehabilitation specialist, help and bless you, ”he concluded.

Descemer Bueno is central to the attacks of artists associated with the Cuban regime since before participation in the song “Patria y Vida”However, criticism intensified after the video clip’s release.

Bueno responded to the attacks of Cándido Fabré last week in the answer topic “I am from Homeland of Death”.