With 90 thousand coins, the last payment to an employee in the US.

Although he finally received the final payment he owed for his work, American Andreas Flaten is not happy with the way it was delivered.

A former employer owed you $ 915 to Flaten, from Georgia, United States, after quitting his job last November.

But it remained Suprised when you have received your last payment: 90 thousand tokens (penny) covered in fat, which were delivered straight to his home a few days ago, according to local media reports. On top of the coins was an envelope with his last receipt and an explicit farewell message.

“It was kind of childish.”Certified Flaten.

Flaten said he quit his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City in November. The company owed its last check and had trouble receiving it, so it even had to Enlist the help of the Georgia Department of Labor.

A pile of oily coins

In mid-March, Flaten said he was leaving his home with his girlfriend and the pile of coins in your driveway

He claimed that the pennies were covered in an oily substance.

With all that money, we will certainly find some treasures.

Now his nighttime routine consists of clean up the pennies to exchange themHe noted that it takes about an hour and a half to clean a few hundred coins.

“I think it will be a lot of work for the money I have already made,” he said. “It’s definitely not fair.”

The cents were covered with an oily substance. AP / Olivia Oxley

The store owner, Miles Walker, spoke to WGCL-TV and said he didn’t know if he left the pennies for Flaten’s house.

“I really don’t remember,” he said. ‘It does not matter; he was paid. That is the most important.’

Walker described Flaten as ‘soft’.

Flaten’s girlfriend, Olivia Oxley, said she hopes her boyfriend’s story will draw attention to the way some people are “abused by their employers.”

Oxley noted that the couple is no longer bothered by the situation and that they are now looking at it from a more positive perspective.

“With all that money we will certainly find some treasures. I’ve already found one from 1937,” said Oxley. After the first handful, all we had to laugh about was because this poor, miserable man took all the time to be cruel and vengeful. We flatly refuse to allow him to ruin us for a moment. ‘


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