Winter storm to northeast with heavy snow, close to snow storms

The snow ends in Washington on Thursday, but continues in Philadelphia and New York.

Monday’s storm brought relatively light snow to the Northeast, with the inland running 1 inch to 6 inches from West Virginia to Vermont, while most of the I-95 corridor from Washington, DC to Boston received rain only.

A second storm is already underway from Colorado and into the Plains with a winter storm warning for Oklahoma, again with up to half a foot of snow locally possible for Western Oklahoma.

On Wednesday, the storm system will move east and reform into a coastal storm off the east coast.

Late Wednesday morning, the snow should start in Washington DC and Philadelphia by noon or early afternoon and New York City sometime in the mid-afternoon.

The snow will sometimes be heavy in Washington, DC for a short time before turning into a mix of rain, sleet and snow.

In Philadelphia, the snow will sometimes be heavy in the afternoon and evening, until a mix of sleet and rain can penetrate the city in the evening.

In New York City, there will be heavy snow on Wednesday evening and Wednesday evening and there is still a chance that snow in New York City could mix with some sleet which will reduce snowfall totals.

The snow won’t arrive in Boston until after dinner and late at night, but will be heavy all night at times.

Thursday morning, the snow stops in Washington, DC, but continues in Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.

The snow will end in Philadelphia by mid-morning, in NYC around noon or early afternoon, and Boston in the afternoon.

Snowfall totals for the major I-95 corridor cities can be as high as 2 to 4 inches in Washington, DC, 6 to 12 inches in Philadelphia, 8 to 14 inches in New York City, and 6 to 12 inches in Boston.

The heaviest snow will be from western Virginia, Maryland and down to Pennsylvania, northwest New Jersey, the Hudson Valley and into central Connecticut, where some areas can see up to 20 inches of snow.