When he met Meghan Markle, Harry broke off his good relationship with Kate Middleton

Principle Harry, Kate Middleton

After several years of building a great relationship with Kate Middleton, Harry saw the need to break it up.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton had developed a close relationship during the Duchess’s years as Prince William’s girlfriend, but since Meghan Markle came into play, their relationship has changed.

Kate, William and Harry had been on various assignments over several years and took over the Royal Foundation, the charity of the three royals.

One of his notable works was Heads Together, a project that aimed to change the conversation about mental health.

Their work had formed a bond and they had become very close.

“William and Harry have had an incredibly close relationship for many years, you know, this unbreakable bond between two brothers who lost their mother,” said true author Katie Nicholl.

However, when the Duke of Sussex met Meghan, Harry felt he had to part from the shadow of the Cambridges.

“When Harry met the one, he could no longer live in the shadow of the Cambridge,” Nicoll notes.

Speaking of the siblings bond when William got married, the author said, “They were incredibly popular.”

“It was the children we had seen growing up without a mother, who had walked behind her coffin, that memory was deeply etched in the heart of the nation and in her memory.”