What is Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome in Children?

The multi-system inflammation syndrome (PIMS or MIS-C), is a multisystemic inflammation that would manifest after having contracted the corona virus, that is, it is postinflammationcontagious.

The warning was issued in European countries and the United States, where cases of PIMS occurred in school-age children four to six weeks after the peak of infection. coronavirus (COVID-19Several cases have also been identified in Chile since the start of the pandemic.

It is an extremely rare syndrome, in fact it affects less than 0.2% of children exposed to the SARS Co-V virus2. Evolution may be severe, but response to therapy is generally good. Lethality is also low, less is estimatedr 0.01% of children have this syndrome and in the majority it evolves without consequences. The call is therefore not to be alarmed, but to be alert to the symptoms in order to treat it early, because in this way the prognosis is very good.Says Dr. Cecilia Poli, pediatric immunologist and rheumatologist at the Alemana Clinic and researcher at the Universidad del Desarrollo.

Symptoms of PIMS

It is a disease with a very wide range of symptoms, “It’s inflammation caused by having the virus in the past.”explains the expert.

The most common symptoms are fever and gastrointestinal problems. In some cases, the symptoms resemble Kawasaki disease, which also affects the immune system. Symptoms of PIMS include: