‘What drives me is getting the Super Bowl’

When the Green Bay Packers reach the red zone, it’s time for Davante Adams.

The star receiver was the deadliest scoring threat this season, unmatched in its ability to gain inches from the scrimmage and dust defenders at close range to hit pay-dirt.

Adams has 14 touchdowns in the season, the most in the NFL despite missing two games due to injury. He has scored in each of the past eight games. The eight-game streak is a Packers record, crossing the great Don Hutson’s milestone of seven, placing him one behind AJ Green for all-time runner-up.

Adams could even face the Carolina Panthers with Green Saturday, but the Packers star is aiming for a bigger goal.

“Ultimately, I want to be great and I want this team to be great,” Adams said on Wednesday through the Associated Press. “The prizes or small performances on the road, the weekly stuff, hearing things like that makes me feel good, of course, but that’s not what drives me. What drives me is getting to the Super Bowl and finally trying for the best receiver. to be to play. this game. “

Since early ankle injuries stunted his game, Adams has become an unstoppable force alongside Aaron Rodgers. The agile route runner has the unique ability to deliver a passing attack regardless of the opponent’s angle or defense.

“He’s one of those transcendent generation-type players that don’t care what era or what offense it is,” said Rodgers. “He could be productive in any of those decades or any of those offenses.”

Adams’ innate ability to free himself from the scrimmage with impeccable footwork, and his technical routing skills allow him to get divorced in any circumstances. Combine his route running with natural athletics and you have a receiver that can win anywhere on the field. In the strict limits of the red zone, he can be open to scores that other wideouts struggle with.

Adams is a rare touchdown machine that wins even when defenders know the ball is headed its way. Jerry Rice holds the record for the most consecutive games in a single season with a TD reception at 12, set in 1987. Adams could close this year by closing with another flurry.

“I often think about scoring touchdowns,” said Adams. “I certainly think about that. But records, I’ll let them come. I’ll have Tom (communications manager Tom Fanning from Packers) text me or catch me after the game and let me know if anything interesting happened. tend to just hit the touchdowns themselves, score and then move on with all that stuff. “

Adams has averaged 1.3 rec TDs per game this season, the most in the NFL. Only Rice (1.8 in 1987) and Randy Moss (1.4 in 2007) averaged more in one season in the Super Bowl era.

Adams needs two more receiving TDs this season to be the 11th WR since the 1970 merger with more than 60 TD catches in his first 100 career games. The second-rounder would join Hall of Famer Terrell Owens (3rd round) and five-time Pro Bowl roster Mark Clayton (8th round) as the only WRs not selected in the first round to reach the goal.

Adams has averaged 104.0 this season, the most in the NFL. Only HOF Hutson (110.1 rec YPG in 1942) has received, on average, more YPG in one season in Packers history.

Despite the superlatives he builds, Adams is not focused on the details. He noted that he’d love to have a long Larry Fitzgerald-type career, adding a few Lombardi trophies to his cause along the way.

“It’s pretty cool, of course, but I want the all-time records,” said Adams. “That’s what I’m thinking about. Looking back, if we have a Fitz-esque career in terms of duration, I can hopefully look back and say we checked a lot of boxes with a few Super Bowls to add to that. is where my mind is. “

Going to a Super Bowl would be easier by recording the only first round bye in the NFC. The Packers can earn the # 1 seed by winning their last three games. That task starts against Carolina on Saturday.

The prime-time showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers on Saturday begins at 8:15 p.m. ET only on NFL Network.