What does Chivas de Guadalajara need to qualify for the Liguilla after beating Rayados de Monterrey 2-1 in the Guard1anes 2021 I Liga MX tournament

The Chivas de Guadalajara had one of the most complicated races on the calendar of the Guard1anes Tournament 2021, so Rayados defeated de Monterrey 2-1 catapulted not only the spirit of the rojiblanco team to the end of the match, but also into the general table where they were in ninth place with 19 units.

For the Sacred Herd, getting six points in less than a week puts them in a totally different panorama from previous weeks, as they are now in the qualifying zone and they already depend on themselves to access the rematch, at least good. now They are half a table from Guard1anes 2021.

For Chivas there are only two games left, the Clásico Tapatío the following Saturday for the Date 16 and in the 17 will face the UANL Tigres on the Akron Stadium field, so adding at least a win in one of these two duels seems to be enough to get fully into the Fiesta Grande.

What does Chivas need to qualify for the Liguilla?

Chivas catapulted positions in the general table and is now in 16th place in the ninth place with 19 units, so the panorama seems so far and so close to the target because a win against Atlas would at the very least mean a climb to eighth place from the bell.

Thinking about the last day they will face a direct rival: the Tigers, who have the same 19 points, and it will be in that game where both the position and the number of points are determined, because even with some setback in one of these matches it will be enough to qualify you, but it wouldn’t need them to win Mazatlán, Querétaro and the Pumas de la UNAM.