Wait, GameStop now sells Nvidia graphics cards?

GameStop has been selling PC gaming hardware for a while, including complete gaming laptops, monitors, headphones, mice, and speakers, but in the post-stonks era, it apparently wants a piece from Best Buy and Newegg’s desktop components company too. Most notably, the company has begun to sell Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics cards – by ‘sell’ I mean I’m dealing with the same kind of barely available, blink-and-miss lists as any other GPU vendor.

As PC gamer reports, GameStop ran its entire weekly circular ad around PC gaming this week, including several GPUs, motherboards, a power supply, and a case:

GameStop’s weekly circular for March 21-27.

But back to reality, GameStop sold these GPUs days ago, about when they sold out went on sale for the first timeJudging by the responses to GameStop’s tweets, this was the typical response:

And as far as I know, the full selection of GameStop PC components consists of two motherboards at the moment.

The selection of GameStop PC hardware that is “available now”.

It’s hard to blame GameStop for selling components, hilarious Javascript or not – the street prices of Nvidia and AMD GPUs have gotten totally out of hand, selling for 2x-3x their value. I just don’t understand why GameStop would even bother to try it during the shortage. Maybe it could refurbish old graphics cards at its renovation factory? Older cards are currently in high demand.