Virgo Horoscope – Friday, April 9, 2021 | Virgo horoscopes

This day will inspire you, because Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius wants to make a better world for everyone. That’s why you always strive to be a union leader, union representative, or volunteer.

You also have networking or multilevel skills and you can inspire the people around you to do bigger and better things, you would be a good motivator.

Saturn’s passage in the sign of Aquarius generates energy so that you feel scattered and need a solid structure in your life, but it will be unconventional for you to accomplish this.

You need a place to share your ideas, even if they are unusual or new. Your big challenge is to grow by being open and honest with everyone.

Your energy for love will not flow much today, as Pluto passes through the 5th house, the house of pleasures and also presents a square with the sun, which creates a high degree of nervous and emotional tension, because you are the way to express yourself. to press. Love is not your priority for now.

Saturn’s transit in line with Uranus creates a tremendous amount of internal stress, which can cause you various imbalances in your health, for as long as you work you don’t give yourself time to take care of your diet and that leads to serious problems. . It’s time to assess and discern your priorities.

Pluto’s passage through the sign of Capricorn makes you somewhat rebellious, so your challenge will be to learn to deal effectively with authority, status, and power. You need financial security and self-reliance to have a solid foundation to be successful.

Nowadays a lot of confused energy is visualized in few issues, because you have the moon and Neptune in your house 7 the couple’s house and square with Mars, you will feel very confused if you want to cry about everything and make castles in the sky .

Now would be a good time to reconsider whether that relationship is working or if you’re just holding onto something that can’t be saved.

Due to Libra’s passage through your house 2, the house of material resources and its planet Venus in sextile with Mars, you will have a lot of good energy to generate money as it makes you energetic and productive, but it also presents a square to Pluto that makes you very insecure when making decisions and thus vulnerable, so keep that in mind so you don’t get abused and they leave you penniless.

Love: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Friendship: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Job: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

They need to learn not to take in the energy of others when they share their problems with you, as you may feel overwhelmed by the emotions of those who are suffering.

You have an uncanny ability to understand things that haven’t happened yet, which makes you a very talented artist if they choose that kind of work. It is the energy that gives you the passage of the moon in the sign of Pisces.