Virginia police officer who sprayed an Afro-Hispanic soldier with pepper spray is fired | Univision News Shows

agents are Spanish.the case led to the dismissal ofangente and a lawsuit.reporter: with guns in thehands pointed without hesitation.[habla en ingés]reporter: the targethands up and I sawmilitary uniform.a second lieutenant in the army.[habla en ingés]reporter: when the soldiertell the officer not tothey said why they quit,this agent is also Spanishfurious.[habla en ingés]reporter: the soldierdoused with gas several timesthey threw him on the ground andcaptivated.he did not explain that he stoppedbecause I wanted to do it in onedarkness.the officers said that to themplate was not visible,accused of not cooperatingthey.then they let it go.[habla en ingés]>> the behavior of the officersno, it was just reprehensible if notillegal.reporter: the governor ofVirginia picked up the case andrequested an investigation.within a few hoursthey shot one of thePolice.officers followed thepolicy of the department.>> I just listened to thesoldier “what’s going on?”at no point did I see the soldierresist.reporter: the policeJanuary and hiseffectiveness.took place in December,soldier sued the policeearly this monthracism and for targeting their weaponsagainst him.asks for a million