VIDEO: Deslumbrante lluvia de meteoros Gemínidas ilumina el cielo nocturno de China

Las Gemínidas Alcanzaron is a mayor who is active on 13 and 14 days.

Una deslumbrante lluvia de meteoros de las Gemínidas fue captada and video of the montaña Nevada Dragón de Jade, and Lijiang, in the province of china in Yunnan, and the suroeste of land.

Las Gemínidas, taking into account the annual annual meteo, but also important on the mayoral activity on 13 and 14 days. The cell phone with the observation mejor and the hemisferio norte del planeta. It’s a NASA site, listing 60 meteors on hora.

The first phenomena to be produced with a ripe crop come from the harvest of the pepper by (3200) The plant, which is in an asteroid or other bowl. Las Gemínidas is displayed at a speed of 35 kilometers per segment.