US Calls for Interruption of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine; see reason

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the major health authorities in the United States, recommended a “break” in the use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine against COVID-19. The reason: fear it is so cause blood clots.

The FDA and CDC They evaluate it “Potential Interest” of six reported rare blood clots in patients receiving the injection. The warning was published by Food and Drug Administration through his official Twitter account.

“We recommend taking a break from using this vaccine as a precaution.”

It is read for part of the message.

The regulator reported that they had done so from Monday managed more than 6.8 million of Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses in USA.

The CDC and FDA are reviewing the data on six reported cases in the United States of a rare and serious type of blood clot that occurs in individuals after they receive the vaccine. At the moment, these side effects seem to be extremely rare. ”

The FDA wrote on Twitter.

The agency stated that it calls for this interruption in order to obtain healthcare providers “The only treatment needed for this type of blood clot.”

Faced with the situation, CDC calls an advisory committee on Wednesday “Take a closer look at these cases and assess their possible significance. The FDA will review that analysis as it also investigates these cases. “

The statement came days after Drug regulator of the European Union said he is also checking possible cases of blood clots in people who have the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Authorities are calling for a halt to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine filing against COVID-19. Photo: Rob Engelaar / ANP / AFP.