United States celebrates new law against traffickers, but Bukele says he will block it

The regulations emphasize the origin of the crime “promotion of illegal trafficking in human beings”.

The recently passed law against illegal trafficking in persons will be denied, announced on Twitter today by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

The law against illegal human trafficking was approved by the Legislative Assembly yesterday. Bukele argued “I am the last person to want our people to leave”, adding “but we cannot continue to criminalize migration”.

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“Someone who kidnaps and trafficking his victim is very different from someone who helps a group of desperate people cross a border,” Bukele wrote on the social network. “This law will be FOLLOWED,” he concluded.

The regulations emphasize the origin of the crime “promotion of illegal trafficking in human beings”.

This crime consists of promoting illegal trafficking in human beings to circumvent immigration controls, either through information and communication technologies. The penalty for committing is between 4 and 8 years in prison. The regulations were proposed by the Public Prosecution Service on December 7, 2020.

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What was written by Bukele confronts the position of the diplomatic representation of the United States, the destination of thousands of Salvadoran migrants every year.

“There is joy when a country recognizes that its citizens cannot be used as commodities. El Salvador’s move protects people vulnerable to illegal trafficking and severely punishes traffickers who offer them #unviajeenvano. wrote on Twitter, Brendan O’Brien, Charge d’Affaires and Acting United States Ambassador to El Salvador.

Illustrative and non-commercial image Brendan O’Brien @USAmbSV https://twitter.com/USAmbSV/status/1375495424115675137

It is also a collision with the work promoted by the public prosecutor’s office.

“This day we have set a historic goal in the country. After nearly two years of work, we have finally succeeded in translating our initiative into the special law against illegal trafficking in human beings, ”wrote Attorney General Raúl Melara, after knowing its approval.