Trade in for a QB that looks more promising to the Steelers

When it comes to NFL quarterbacks, it’s all about fit. Trying to rank quarterback prospects in a general sense for the NFL draft is one thing, but usually the rankings you see from NFL draft experts can vary wildly, but individual NFL team major boards are highly specialized.

One thing we can say for sure, it really feels like once the first round starts, you’ll see four quarterbacks come off the board very quickly. Teams have been making moves to get to the top of the first lap and it’s safe to assume it’s one of the best signalers.

However, if these design experts are allowed to be hired, the fifth quarterback in the draft could slide into the middle of the first round. Who is that fifth quarterback? Depends on who you ask. At one point it was Alabama’s Mac Jones. Now he appears to be a draft treasure and will be the third quarterback to be taken.

This leaves the Justin Fields of Ohio and the Trey Lance of the state of North Dakota. Does it matter which guy slips when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers? I would say no. Both players have the skills to thrive in a Matt Canada attack and would bring the Steelers attack into the present and be built for the future.

How far should the Steelers trade? Given the market, it should be done to pick No. 10 and there is precedent for this kind of Pittsburgh move when they identify a player they think they really need.

But I want to pass the question on to you. If Fields of Lance slips out of the top five, do you want the Steelers to trade and line them up? Let us know in the comments.