Tokyo 2020, 100 days after the inauguration, and the uncertainty continues

A year ago, Sun celebrated 100 days before the start of the Olympics, but everything he was arrested for COVID-19Today the celebration is repeated after a pandemic that forced the postponement of the summer competition, which will take place this year. although with the uncertainty on the surface

Although it is still Tuesday April 13 on this side of the world, in Japanese countries it is already Wednesday 14 and thus the countdown of the Olympic Games that starts at number 100The celebration is more cautious as after the show’s cancellation last year, the ravages of the coronavirus continue to haunt the Tokyo 2020 edition, which decided to keep that name due to the brand’s registration for merchandise production and other business contracts.

“They will certainly happen. The Games start on July 23 and I think this is a great honor for what President Bach, I, and others have described the best prepared games in historysaid John Coates, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

And it is that uncertainty has been the flag of these Olympics as there is still doubt about the realization with the increase in infections that is registered in the country.

“I have no hesitation in saying that the Games will take place and they will be as safe as possibleAll measures have been taken to handle Covid-19 to ensure the safety of the public, athletes and everyone else. “

Many things will be different during these Olympics as for the first time the foreign public will not be able to support their athletes or wave their flags in the stands. Only the Japanese have the privilege of seeing each chapter that is written in each of the 42 sports.

North Korea case

The country will be absent from games To “protect” its “athletes from the global health crisis caused by a malicious viral infection,” a government-run website announced.

North Korea has competed in all the Olympics since 1972, except in 1984 in Los Angeles, when it entered the Soviet boycott, and in 1988 in Seoul, South Korea. North Korean athletes have won 16 gold medals