This Rockets-Warriors exchange features Andrew Wiggins

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Kyle Terada-USA Sports TODAY

Finally an exchange where James Harden is not on the way. This is a deal where he stays with the Houston Rockets and wins another piece to pair with himself and John Wall. It would feature the Golden State Warriors and Andrew Wiggins.

The Warriors now need help beyond the arc as Klay Thompson misses the upcoming season with a torn Achilles. If they choose to make a move, there are plenty of options and some of them are currently on the Rockets.

Both teams like to play fast and shoot a lot of threes, so a deal between the two sides would make sense. Eric Gordon could help fill the void left by Thompson’s injury, while Wiggins could provide a small attack option for the Rockets.

Talks around Houston were dominated by Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Westbrook is now in Washington and for now, Harden is still a member of the Rockets. The franchise can go both ways. They could choose to send Harden away in a trade or keep him and build around their scoring alternator.

We’ve seen many deals that would send Harden away, but this is one that would hold him in place and build around him. Let’s take a look at this possible deal between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.