They loot property that can be surrendered to the United States


The Directorate for the Fight Against Drug Trafficking (DLCN) raided 14 properties in search of evidence related to the imprisoned Martín Adolfo Díaz Contreras, who is being requested to be extradited by the United States, who accuses him of drug trafficking.

Twelve of the raids were held in El Paraíso, Copán, and two in San Pedro Sula, from where Díaz Contreras frontmen continued to operate in the transfer of cocaine to the United States, according to a statement from the prosecution.

Martín Adolfo Díaz Contreras was arrested in Lempira on April 10 and brought to a judge who ordered him to be kept in prison.

The judge set the hearing on May 12 to present and evacuate evidence accused by the Texas Eastern District Court of crimes related to drug trafficking from Honduras.

The Prosecutor against organized crime notes that anti-drug agents have inspected luxurious buildings to find evidence related to drug trafficking and money laundering.

Some of the properties that were raided were uninhabited, but the DLCN agents were looking for documentation and other elements that would aid them in the investigation.

According to the research, Martín Adolfo Díaz is a partner of the Valle Valle brothers, who were active in northwestern Honduras.