They filter photos of Rafa Amaya with a beautiful actress

In recent weeks the actor Rafael Amaya He has been in the eye of the hurricane as he reportedly gave up on rehab before coming to an end, putting him at risk for a relapse.

However, on several occasions, the same actor has made it clear that he feels good to have come out of the hole where he was, regarding the issue of addictions, he has even expressed his wish to continue with them artistic projects.

Now what photos where j appearsuntil for the beautiful actress Athina Marturet, who also took part in the series The Lord of the heavens, with a somewhat romantic approach.

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Apparently, these images would be part of the actor’s new project called ‘When the dead rise’, which takes place in the city Miami, Florida.

It was the same actress who shared with her followers behind the scenes in her official accounts of what appears to be a photo shoot, showing Amaya carrying her over a pool of water and even kissing her feet: “Working with the best ufff! And we continue this spectacular new project with this super team. What a beautiful atmosphere of new beginnings, hope and love “, wrote.

So far, the details of this project and when it could come to light are unknown.

Amaya project

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