The romantic photo of the presenter Ale Costa confronting her followers and making offensive comments

A photo of a tender kiss in an amusement park in Florida, United States, was enough for the scrutiny of the public to express biting criticism. What was the source of contention among the host TV fans?

Nothing escapes the scrupulous and critical eye of viewers and followers of public figures. Many of them are constantly faced with offensive and disrespectful comments, so the heart and heart should be put on a lot of strength and patience. Ale Costa You already know this very well, so it also adds a touch of indifference to the constant scrutiny of your life.

Yesterday (06.04.2021) the presenter of “De mujer a mujer” published a romantic photo that, instead of adding many hearts and getting positive messages from her community of fans, was criticized and caused disagreement among them. However, the beautiful TV presenter limited herself to answering those positive messages and from her immediate environment.

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Costa enjoyed a vacation outside of El Salvador, to be precise she had a fun experience in several theme parks in Orlando, Florida, with her children and husband. And the photo she wanted to share on her official Instagram account was one where she appears to be kissing her husband, Alejandro Rodríguez Cardona, and beyond it the magical and imposing Cinderella Castle, a very romantic and fairytale photo … until it read the comments.

The very well-groomed image (absolutely alone, with a clear sky, in the background a fantastic infrastructure of more than 57 meters and very combined in their outfits) received sour messages because of the physical appearance of the protagonists: yes, Costa’s beauty was sublime, but that of her partner and father of her children was judged by others.

More than 7,700 likes received Costa’s publication, which was not free from sour criticism. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image

“Beauty and the beast”, “Put him to exercise too”, “How good the boyfriend eats! You have to train him for his health, you are perfect. 👏”, were some comments from alleged fans of the presenter But they also had a strong response from other followers who disapproved of the said rating: “Some more engaged folks, you should disconnect the comments when posting with your man because everyone here already believes in fitness, they care about curious ball and close in the peak that no one asked them “,” They talked the fitness 🤦🏻‍♀️ … Very nice picture ❤️ “,” What a perfect match👌💕❤ “,”What a cute picture ♥ ️😍 “

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“When they criticize the physicist, it will depend on everyone’s acceptance of how that commentary will work out. They don’t hurt me, sometimes they make me laugh “, Costa explained in a previous interview with El Diario de Hoy, when asked how he faced criticism on social networks.

These comments will certainly go unnoticed by the TV presenter again and in reality what predominates in her heart and mind will be the unforgettable moments she lived with her family this Easter.

Ale Costa sporadically exposes his love life. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image