The NFL continues to assess allegations against Bears de Mario Edwards

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears

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An October road race in Carolina led to an off-field complication for Bears defensive end Mario Edwards Jr.

TMZ reports that Edwards is facing allegations of assault. A woman who claims she was in a relationship with Edwards alleges that Edwards turned violent on the night between Chicago’s October 18 match against the Panthers in Charlotte.

Edwards has denied the charges.

“Mario hates violence against women,” Edwards’ agent, Peter Schaffer, told PFT. “I am proud of the way he responded. He has learned to de-escalate and defuse situations and walk away. “

Schaffer added that this has been a “money game” from the outset, with the alleged victim’s lawyer seeking a civil settlement.

An unpaid suspension could be imposed by the competition based on the outcome of the situation. Before that, the NFL could impose a paid suspension on Edwards by putting him on the Commissioner-Exempt list.

“The issue remains under the scrutiny of the personal conduct policy,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email as to whether a decision has been made on paid time off. “No decision has been made.”

Edwards had two sacks against the Texans on Sunday and has been one of the better defenders on the team this season.