The new leavers of Atlético, Inter, AC Milan and Juventus leave the Superliga on the brink of death

The three Italian clubs maintain their view that football must be adapted to adapt it to the needs of the new era.

Atlético Madrid and Inter Milan They decided to leave the Super League on Wednesday, as did AC Milan and Juventus, putting the new league on the brink of extinction before it started.

“Atlético de Madrid made the decision last Monday to join this project in response to circumstances that no longer exist today,” the entity said in a statement.

The Juventus Turin, AC Milan and Inter Milan, the three Italian clubs among the twelve founders of the Superliga The European Union announced on Wednesday that it is resigning from the current competition project and acknowledges that the conditions are not currently in place to continue it in its intended format.

If Inter and Milan were firm in their statements and justified the decision in their “commitment” to the fans, who were very much against the project, Juventus admitted that their resignation was forced by the abandonment of other founders.

Following the revolution led by England on Tuesday with the resignation of the six participating clubs, the Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal, the Italy branch also began to throw in the towel.

The Inter de Milan, who had already filtered his serious doubts yesterday morning, was the first to make his point known: “FC Internazionale Milan confirms that the club is no longer part of the Superliga project”, assured his official note.

“We are always committed to providing fans with the best football experience; innovation and inclusion have been part of our DNA since birth. Our commitment to stakeholders to improve football will never change,” added the “Nerazzurri” team.

The “tifosi”, the fans, were also the focus of Milan’s statement, which appeared a few minutes after the Interistas.

“We accept the invitation to participate in the Super League project with the sincere desire to create the best possible European competition for fans around the world, to defend the interests of the clubs and our fans. Change is not easy. , but evolution is necessary to grow, “the official note reads.

“But the concerns of fans around the world about the Superliga project were strong and clear. And our club must be attentive and sensitive to the opinions of those who love this wonderful sport,” the statement underlined.

The two clubs had received resounding support from the Italian sports world, which was notably reflected in the sports press and the coaches of several clubs excluded from the Superliga.

“It’s a coup in the stadium. I’d rather not play against Milan,” said Roberto De Zerbi, coach of Sassuolo, on Tuesday at his club’s appointment next Wednesday against the “Rossonero” team.

Also some fans of the Juventus On Tuesday evening, a banner hung in the Allianz Stadium, the boxer’s home. Andrea Pirlo, regret the club’s decision.

In the meantime, news came from Spain of the resignation of the Athletic, which also convinced Juventus to publish an official note acknowledging the impossibility of continuing this project.

“(Juventus) emphasizes that it is aware of the request by some clubs to abandon the project (of the Super League), although the necessary procedures foreseen in the agreement between the clubs have not yet been completed,” the statement said.

“In this context, Juventusalthough he is still convinced of the sporting, commercial and legal value of the project, he believes that it currently offers limited opportunities to be implemented in the form in which it was envisioned, ”the note adds.

Of course, the three Italian clubs remain of the opinion that football must be adapted to adapt it to the needs of the new era.