The millionaire case against Fox News for defamation and electoral conspiracy

The conservative media spread false information about the 2020 US presidential election, tarnishing the image of the Dominion Voting Systems company.

The Dominion Voting Systems company, which was responsible for the voting machine software during the United States presidential election, sued Fox News for defamation, arguing that the news network knowingly spread false information about an alleged election fraud with the aim of increasing of your audience. .

Fox sold a false voter fraud story to serve his own business purposes, seriously injuring Dominion in the process. He recklessly ignored the truth. In fact, Fox knew these statements about Dominion were lies, ”Dominion said in the lawsuit.

The aforementioned conservative media, according to the complaint, allowed the guests of their programs to broadcast wild claims about the company without control, such as that the machines were manufactured in Venezuela to manipulate the elections thanks to Hugo Chávez.

For all this, Dominion is demanding $ 1.6 billion in damages for insulting his image. This is the fourth in a series of lawsuits the company has filed against conspiracy theorists and propagators suggesting that Democrats had committed fraud in the presidential election and that Dominion had contributed to the settlement by tampering with the voting machines. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, Sidney Powell, one of the legal representatives of the former president who was removed from office in December, and MikeLindell, a Trump ally businessman, were also charged by Dominion.

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The complaints about electoral fraud have been dismissed. Trump’s team was unable to prove his theory in court due to a lack of evidence. Yet all this rhetoric has done terrible damage to American society. Trump’s campaign against the alleged theft of his victory led to a large group of his followers storming the United States Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, endangering the lives of the country’s congressmen.

In February 2021, Smartmatic, another company that provides technology for electoral processes in the country, also filed a lawsuit against Fox News for its “disinformation campaign” for $ 2.7 billion.

Fox News Media said in a statement that as a company it is “proud” of its coverage of the 2020 election and that it “will vigorously defend itself against this baseless lawsuit in court.” In the Smartmatic lawsuit, Fox tried to convince the court that it is “trying to suppress First Amendment activity.” However, the spread of rumors in the weeks following the election can be seen as an “electoral conspiracy”. The battle in the courts begins so far.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, is being charged with defamation