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Rafael Amaya has sparked a lot of expectation among his fans by revealing he was in talks to return to “The Lord of the heavens” and put himself back in the shoes of ‘Aurelio Casillas’. This has undoubtedly made us think about the strategy Telemundo could use to bring this mythical character from the narco series back from the dead.

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Several media outlets have started to release rumors about this theory and its return is actually being negotiated because when it suddenly disappeared it left a gap that was practically impossible to fill and the result was that season seven was not the great one. reception it had for ..

Even if Telemundo Nothing confirmed about a possible eighth season yet, fans are eagerly looking forward to the return of Rafael Amaya to the small screen and return to surprise them with the great talent he possesses.

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Other questions that the actor’s followers have begun to ask are how much he would earn by returning to the history of “The Lord of the heavens”


Rafael Amaya He was the main protagonist of the television series, so much of his fame is due to his participation in the narco series.

Everything seems to indicate that during his role as Aurelio Casillas the actor received a salary of five million dollars from the show, according to various media outlets.

Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas in Season 4 of “The Lord of the Skies.” (Photo: Telemundo)

During his performance on social networks, the actor confessed to talking to several projects, so one of them would be in season eight of The Lord of the heavens and when he returns to the narco series, Rafael will most likely ask Amaya to add a few more zeros to his check.

Now we have to wait for the final statement from Telemundo and for the possible return of the Mexican actor to one of the most successful series in recent years.