The latest firmware update for Nintendo Switch includes Bluetooth audio support – My Nintendo News

You may have noticed that the Nintendo Switch recently received a new update that brings the firmware version to 12.0.0. And while there wasn’t much to shout thanks to the extremely short patch notes, it was noted that after the update was datamined, the update made it possible to update the Switch’s dock. Now, thanks to data miner OatmealDome for pointing it out on Twitter, there may be even more to the patch. Update 12.0.0 supposedly added audio support for the system’s Bluetooth driver, as you can see in the comments in the tweet below.

As it stands, to use a Bluetooth headset with the Nintendo Switch, you will need to purchase a USB-C or headphone jack adapter. There are a handful of peripheral suppliers online that facilitate this, but connecting a Bluetooth headset directly to the Switch without such means is a no-go.

Of course, as OatmealDome rightly points out, nothing is guaranteed and until we get a direct message from Nintendo we’ll just have to wait and see what they’re up to (if anything) in the future with this update.

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