The House GOP leaders ask Pelosi to remove Swalwell from the intelligence commission

The woman at the center of the operation, Fang Fang or Christine Fang, took part in fundraising activities for Swalwell’s 2014 reelection campaign and, according to Axios, helped place an intern in his office.
“I was told about this person and I offered to help,” he told CNN’s Jim Sciutto last week. “I just cooperated.”

The letter, signed by leading members of the GOP House, including Minority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana and Republican Conference Chairman Liz Cheney from Wyoming, asked Pelosi to remove Swalwell because the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence “contains the most sensitive information.” treats.

“We are writing to you today out of concern over Congressman Eric Swalwell’s reported close contacts with a Chinese Communist Party spy. Due to Rep. Swalwell’s position on the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, his close contacts with Chinese intelligence services, however unintentional, pose an unacceptable risk to national security, “the Republicans wrote in the letter.” HPSCI deals with some of the most sensitive information available to our government – information essential to our national defense. Therefore, we urge you to advise Rep. Swalwell from his position on the House Intelligence Committee immediately. “

The letter was provided to CNN by Cheney’s office and first reported by the Washington Examiner.

Swalwell’s office did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

This comes a few days after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News that Swalwell should be removed from commission.

“I didn’t know, but this goes much deeper than this; the intelligence commission is unlike any other commission,” the California Republican said last week. “This man shouldn’t be on the intelligence committee. He’s jeopardizing national security, what is said in those meetings within the SCIF that you don’t want other people to hear or listen to. ‘

Pelosi defended Swalwell at her press conference last week, telling reporters that house leaders have known for five years that Chinese are trying to influence officials, including Swalwell.

She said McCarthy was trying to deflect by making it a problem now, after gathering information since 2015.

“I’m not worried about Mr. Swalwell,” the California Democrat said last week. “In the spring of 2015, House and committee leaders were told that a Chinese rapprochement with members of Congress was being made; when that was announced to members of Congress, it was over.”