The Honduran delegation travels to Washington to discuss transparency issues

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

A delegation from the Honduran government will travel there USA to meet with representatives of the US government and deal with matters related to the economy, immigration, security, transparency, human rights and the fight against corruption, said the Minister-General’s Coordinator of the Government Carlos Madero

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Madero led the government delegation that traveled there Washington, The US capital and headquarters of the White HouseHe indicated to the media that they will hold meetings with the authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, directed by Anthony Blinken.

Relationship between Washington and Tegucigalpa

This will be the second official rapprochement between senior officials in the Honduran cabinet, led by J.from Orlando Hernández Alvarado, and the Biden administration, which took over at the beginning of 2021. Madero reported that they also met in February and are now presenting an established agenda of topics to be discussed.

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The Honduran official explained that a delegation of representatives from the Central government They will engage in bilateral dialogue on issues such as transparency, security and human rights. Madero describes having worked hand in hand with the US government for the past few months, but it happened internally.

Large entourage

Officials of Presidency, Foreign Relations, Security and Defense, as well as National Migration Institute (INM), Revenue Administration Service (SAR), will promote mutual cooperation with institutions in that country, an essential strategic partner for the development of Honduras.

“We hope to continue working with the Biden government, as has happened with previous governments,” said Madero, before boarding a flight from Toncontin, in Tegucigalpa.

They are optimistic

He does not believe the bilateral cooperative relationship between Honduras and USAWith Donald Trump, Washington and Tegucigalpa remained linked on different administrative and diplomatic lines.

Ricardo Zúniga

In recent days, Ricardo Zúniga, the US government’s special envoy for migration issues in the Northern Triangle (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala), announced his visit to these two countries, but not Honduras.

“These countries held their first meeting while Honduras He’s attending his second collaborative meeting, with a plan, structuring points to discuss, as part of what’s to be discussed, ”Madero said on the topic.

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This was seen by several local sectors as a wake-up call and a message to the Hernández Administration on the horizon of diplomatic relations. However, Honduran cabinet officials detailed those versions and described that relations are closer than ever.

“Honduras is considered a reliable partner and it will not stop being a reliable partner of the United States in the fight against drug trafficking,” explains Madero. In addition, he announced that the purpose of the delegation is “to tell the reality of the country”.