The Epic Games Store starts 15 days of free games with Cities: Skylines

There’s just over a week to present day – and while I’m sure we all panic about what to get our friends, loved ones, and returning villains, what harm can it be to gobble up a treat for yourself fetch? The Epic Games Store Christmas Sale starts today and is giving away a new free game for the next 15 days in addition to the usual store-wide deals. Your first gift is Cities: Skylines, with many more to come in the next two weeks.

The Epic Games Store held their weekly free rotation for the holidays last week and last week announced that they are giving away a new free game every day for 15 days starting today. They are only available on the day they arrive – if you want to claim all 15, you’ll need to log into the Epic Store every day for the next two weeks.

That’s certainly one way to get people to check in to your holiday sales. The other way is to have deals worth checking out – and in that regard, it looks like the sale could pull in some good bargains. At the time of writing, the Holiday Sale page is throwing up a big ol ‘404, but the Epic homepage shows some big discounts, including 40% off Star Wars: Squadrons, 60% off Rainbow Six: Siege, and a strange -specific 17% off Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

Like last year, Epic also throws in a $ 10 coupon to spend on whatever you want. These are claimed by making a sales purchase or getting a free game, but there is also more to be earned by getting a “qualifying title” with a prize of $ 14.99 or more. A few new filters have been added to the store to help determine which games you can get these discount cards for.

Cities: Skylines can be added to your library for free until tomorrow afternoon, after which Epic will offer a new free game. We don’t officially know what’s in store for the rest of the month, but Cities’ debut lends weight to that previous leaks suggesting it would be joined by The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Hitman 2, among others.

Take that with your usual pinch of salt. But if true, it looks like there will be quite a few bangers to pick up for zero dollars in the next two weeks. Let’s hope Epic’s website holds up long enough to get them.

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