The beneficiaries of the PAN are used to sell trusted brands and commercial certificates

Separately participated Programa de Asistencia Nutricional (PAN) which is used on the month of December 17, 2020, the city (4) by a reserve for a price to compare and a certificate of sale for the PAN and the medium term.

Autorización de aprobarse una de solicitada by the ADSEF al Servicio de Alimentación and Nutrición (FNS por sus sus siglas and inglés) organization of federal management of the PAN program, bajo of departamento de Agricultura federal.

“It is a period that is close to the future and the period it is in. The first and the free effect of the free time and the sale of the Mercado Known data at a certain time, ”such as the Secretariat of the Department of the Family (DF), Orlando López Belmonte.

In part, the administrator of the ADSEF advises you to consult some of the participants “you cannot earn money and do not use a balance sheet overview and a trip to the platform. has an overview of the transactions and the benefit you can see to see if compras do. This is a process allowed with the available data. “

The funcionario of the beneficiaries is not available for the sale of the Mercado Known benefits, the balances available for a stay in a Tarjeta de la Familia. “Los comercios están siendo orientados para que no tengan inconvenientes,” resaltó el administrador.

The benefit card of the PAN card and the Sale of a family house has been used for the reglamento and a término of 180 days. Tras ese periodo revierten a un fondo general del PAN para repartirse nuevamente entre los beneficiarios. “A large amount of money that can be awarded to the participants in the device and to a certificate for transactions with PAN. It’s easy to make it easy to focus on the benefits and benefits of participants, ”expresó Fradera Vázquez.

The program has been updated to 841,149 families, in the form of a haystack of 1.5 million people and another alimentary. This price includes 344 mil menores of 18 years old, 375 mil adultos mayores de 60 años, 100 mil personas con discapacidades, 216 million individuals with trabajan and 440 mil queues ingresos del Seguro Social.