T-Mobile is launching unlimited 5G home internet for $ 60 / month

T-Mobile hosted an Un-carrier event today where the company announced the launch of a new 5G home internet plan that costs $ 60 per month and offers unlimited data.

The service is available to more than 30 million Americans across much of the United States, including 10 million rural households who typically do not have access to reliable broadband. The connectivity is 4G or 5G depending on what is available in a particular area.

T-Mobile promises average speeds of 100 Mb / s for “most” new customers, and the company offers a 4G / 5G modem that can be set up in minutes by plugging it in and downloading an app. The service costs $ 60 a month with AutoPay, and T-Mobile says there are no additional taxes or fees, no contracts, no equipment fees, and data is unlimited. Potential customers can visit T-Mobile’s website to see if they qualify.

To increase availability in rural areas, T-Mobile is launching the “Hometown” initiative to bring 5G to rural America. This plan involves hiring 7,500 workers in small towns and rural communities and providing $ 25 million in grants for community development projects.

In areas where T-Mobile cannot open new stores, the company will have “Hometown Experts” who are T-Mobile’s official representative in a community. T-Mobile hires 2,500 Hometown Experts for 2,5,000 small towns.

T-Mobile also today announced a trade-in program for a free iPhone 12 with the trade-in of an iPhone 11, half of an iPhone 12 with the trade-in of older iPhone models ranging from iPhone 7 to iPhone X, and half of the iPhone 12 mini with the trade-in of an older ‌iPhone‌. Trade-in reimbursement is provided through 24 monthly billing credits to ensure customers stay with T-Mobile.

For existing customers, T-Mobile upgrades all T-Mobile and Sprint customers to free unlimited subscriptions. Customers with AT&T or Verizon with fixed data plans can also trade in older smartphones for a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.