Superliga warns FIFA that it has already started its legal defense

The founding teams of the new competition are trying to stop the agency’s attempts to prevent its launch

All 12 European clubs who set up a Superliga football team told the leaders of the FIFA and the UEFA that legal action has already been taken to stop attempts to prevent the launch of the new contest, according to a letter to which he had access The Associated Press

The letter was sent by the group of English, Spanish and Italian clubs to the chairman of the FIFA Gianni Infantino, and its counterpart to the UEFA Aleksander Ceferin, indicating that the Superliga Yes had a guarantee of 4,000 million euros (5.5 billion dollars) in funding from a financial institution

The UEFA threatened with legal actions to the clubs of the Superliga – among those who use the Barcelona Real Madrid Juventus Y Manchester United– after his plans were leaked. The European organization warned that Rebel clubs can be excluded from national competitions such as the Spanish LaLiga and English Premier League, as well as international competitions

“We are concerned about that FIFA and the UEFA can respond to this invitation letter and try to impose penalties to exclude a participating club or player from their respective competitions, ” wrote the clubs of the Superliga to Infantino and Ceferin.

“Your formal statement, however, urges us to take preventive measures to protect ourselves from this adverse reaction, which would not only jeopardize the funding obligation.” […] rather something important, it would be illegal. For this reason, SLCo [Super League Company] has filed a motion in the relevant courts to ensure that the contest is conducted without issue in accordance with applicable law. “

The courts they visited were unknown.

“It is our duty, as board members of SLCo, to ensure that all reasonable steps available are taken carefully to protect the interests of competitors and our investors, given the irreparable harm they would suffer if, for whatever reason, they were not given the opportunity to to identify competition in a timely manner and share the benefits “of funding, continued the Superliga

The Superliga aims for a tournament of 20 teams with 15 founding members, although only 12 are now registered. The other participants are Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Manchester City, Y Tottenham Hotspur In England; Atlético de Madrid and the Italians AC Milan e Inter de Milan

The split was launched just like the UEFA, which runs European football, believed they had an agreement to expand the Champions League from 2024. Now the same managers who supported those plans have decided to organize and claim that existing leagues can be maintained despite losing your most successful teams, such as Real Madrid, which has a record of 13 European championships with the current format, and Liverpool, with six titles.

“The competition will be played in conjunction with the current national league and cup competitions which are an important part of the competitive fabric of European football,” the letter said. Superliga a Infantino Y Ceferin“We’re not trying to UEFA Champions League neither to the Europa League, but to compete and coexist with those tournaments. “