Suffolk’s COVID-19 positivity rate rises to 8.2%

The COVID test rate in Suffolk County jumped to 8.2% yesterday, according to data released today by the State Department of Health.

That’s a jump of more than 24% from Suffolk’s reported positive Monday.

There were 12,860 COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, the Suffolk County Department of Health said today. There were 1,056 new positives.

The status of Suffolk’s microcluster focus areas remains unknown, as the State Department of Health has not released information on individual microcluster focus areas, including the Riverhead microcluster, as of December 6. There have been 172 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Riverhead Town since December 6. The Riverhead Focus Area includes part of the hamlet of Riverhead and parts of the hamlets of Riverside, Northampton and Flanders in the city of Southampton. There have been 249 new confirmed cases in Southampton Town since December 6.

Five hundred and six people were hospitalized in Suffolk yesterday. There were 70 new admissions.

Eighty-three patients were in the ICU, with 39 of those patients on ventilators.

There were seven new COVID deaths in Suffolk on Tuesday, bringing Suffolk’s total fatalities to 2,139 residents.

The number of hospital beds in Suffolk grew to 3,341, with 858 beds – 26% – available.

Statewide, there were 6,097 COVID hospital admissions, with 1,098 people in the ICU and 611 IC patients on ventilators. Statewide there were 823 new admissions.

Yesterday, there were 95 COVID-19 deaths statewide, bringing the total death toll in New York State to 28,100.

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