Street Fighter 5: Everything announced in the Spring Update

Capcom has revealed its upcoming plans for Street Fighter V, including details on the three new characters that will be added to the roster in the coming months. The newest fighter, Dan, was added to the game in February and the next one is Rose, who was announced during the winter update for the game. Rose, a soul-powered fortune teller, will be released on April 19 with a moveset that Capcom says will “change the future of Street Fighter V”.

Some of those moves include her V-Skill I, Soul Fortune, which allows Rose to use a tarot card to buff herself or debuff her opponent, and her V-Skill II, Soul Satellite, which returns from Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter 5 Season 5 DLC Characters

“When activated, Rose will conjure up a sphere that will circle around her,” read the PlayStation SFV Spring Update blog post. “Hit V-Skill again to summon a second orb. Each orb can hit once or ignore a single projectile hit. Use this V-skill to put more pressure on opponents.”

Oro, the wandering hermit, will join the game’s roster after Rose. Last seen in Street Fighter III, Oro doesn’t have a release date yet, but Capcom says he will be added to the game this summer. Oro comes with a moveset featuring some of his classic Street Fighter III moves as well as some new moves.

“He even keeps his one-armed combat style,” the blog post reads. “Unlike SFIII, where he sealed one of his arms, this is where he keeps his new tortoise pet in combat.”One of Oro’s new moves is called Tsuranekeashi. It’s a kick move “used to keep opponents at bay, but can also be used in combos.” Another new move for this fighter is his V-Skill II called Minomushi. It is essentially a small hop that can be expanded to a combination of kicks and punches.

The last big thing detailed in the Spring Update blog post is Akira Kazama, a fighter announced last August, and the penultimate fighter to come with the Street Fighter V Season 5 premium pass. Not much was said about this new character originally from video game Rival Schools, but Capcom did release a work-in-progress trailer that you can check out above. According to Capcom, more will be revealed about Akira “in the near future.”

In addition to the release of Rose on April 19, there are three new costumes for Vega, Seth and Juri. You can check it out below:New Costumes for Vega, Seth and Juri, Photo Credit: Street Fighter V, Capcom

New Costumes for Vega, Seth and Juri, Photo Credit: Street Fighter V, Capcom

Check out everything already included in the Street Fighter V Season 5 premium pass and character pass, and everything coming to the passes in the future, below:Street Fighter V Season 5 passes, Photo Credit: Street Fighter V, Capcom

Street Fighter V Season 5 passes, Photo Credit: Street Fighter V, Capcom

While you wait for these new characters to hit Street Fighter V, you can catch up with all the new fighters announced last August and then watch this trailer for the game’s Eleven character. Then read our opinion about the game in the official IGN Street Fighter V review. For more details on all of the fighters mentioned above, including detailed breakdowns of all their moves, visit Capcom’s Spring Update on the PlayStation Blog.

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