Sophie Turner responds to Taylor Swift’s song, seemingly about Joe Jonas

Is Joe Jonas really sir perfectly okay? That’s what many Taylor Swift fans think after hearing the just released song.

On April 7, the superstar singer surprised fans by saying ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine ‘, one of the six safe songs from her upcoming album. Fearless (Taylor’s Version)In the lyrics of the song, Swift reflects on a lost love that ‘looked me in the eye and said you would never leave’.

As Swifties noted online, the artist previously admitted to it Undaunted song “Forever and Always” about her teen novel with the Jonas Brothers star. And since “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is a safe track that didn’t make it to the 2008 album, it was probably written around the same time as “Forever and Always”.

Although Swift has not confirmed these theories, Jonas’ wife, actress and T. Swift fan Sophie Turner, shared her response to the song on her Instagram story, writing, “It’s NOT bop.” So we think it’s safe to say there are no hard feelings given that the brief relationship happened over a decade ago. Plus, as Swift said in her 2020 song ‘Invisible String’, she recently sent the new parents a gift for their little girl, Willa, who was born last July.