Sony’s new PS5 update includes surprising improvements in HDR and 120Hz support

Sony’s new PS5 software update is now live and includes some surprising improvements in HDR and 120Hz support. While Sony has already worked out a big new feature to let players save – but not play – PS5 games to an external hard drive, there’s also a new option to automatically switch the video output to non-HDR when you use a game or app that doesn’t. no support for HDR.

This is a major improvement for those using HDR on the PS5, as it now means you no longer have to dig into the settings menu to manually turn off HDR when viewing SDR content.

In addition to these HDR changes, this update also adds two new HDMI controls in the system section of the PS5 settings menu. You can now switch one-touch play, which automatically turns a connected TV on when you turn on a PS5 and switch it to the correct input. You can also toggle the power off link, which allows the PS5 to go into sleep mode when you turn off the TV connected to your console.

New HDR options on the PS5.

New HDMI options for the PS5.

Sony also supports more PC monitors with 120Hz in this update. If you have a 1080p PC monitor that supports 120Hz, it should now run at this refresh rate with the PS5. Unfortunately, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support is still lacking on the PS5.

This latest software update also includes better options to quickly turn off in-game chat, an option to search for purchased games, and the ability to hide games from a library.