Smuggled Nvidia cards found after high speed chase

Nothing but a week after a Chinese failure involving cheat makers and luxury cars, authorities seized hundreds of smuggled Nvidia cards after a speedboat chase in the waters near Hong Kong International Airport.

As Tom’s Hardware have translated, from Chinese outlet TVB NewsOver the weekend, police spotted a fishing boat suspiciously anchored near the airport at 2 a.m., and on investigation found men moving cargo from the fishing boat to a nearby speedboat.

As the police approached, the shady men “jumped on the speedboat and sped off to the mainland,” while the police chased in “a fast boat chase.” The smugglers managed to escape, but authorities then doubled back and searched the fishing boat, where they found shark fins, smartphones and “up to 300 unidentified graphics cards”.

While there are no markers, the cards are believed to be Nvidia CMP 30HXs, GPUs made specifically for crypto mining, which, while not very good at their job, are in high demand right now with global shortages requiring the delivery of more desirable hardware.