Sick Santa and Mrs. Claus may have exposed 50 Georgia children to Covid

A Santa parade and photo op in Georgia last Thursday may have exposed up to 50 children to Covid-19 after Santa and Mrs. Claus later tested positive for the virus.

Long County Board of Directors chairman Robert D. Parker confirmed the positive tests and downplayed the risk of the potentially dozens of exposures in a statement posted on the board’s website.

“While this is cause for concern, I find it important to note that exposures occur every day as we go about our daily lives, often without any knowledge,” the statement said.

“Children are in close contact with other children and adults on a daily basis at school, in the recreational facilities and in the church.”

On Thursday, the Long County Chamber of Commerce posted a photo of the clauses driving a fire engine.

The North Pole’s most famous couple tested positive on Saturday, two days after the Thursday night event in which they showed no symptoms.

In his statement, Parker said that, for the clauses, the event was “ one of the most important aspects of their lives ” and added that he said he believes he and others in town “ still support the House’s decision. stand to continue with these holiday traditions, and to bring a sense of normalcy in these troubled times. “

“Without fulfilling these roles locally, I know there are countless underprivileged children who would never have experienced the joy of meeting Santa,” he said.