Shark Attacked: Watch Giant Fish Swallow Hungry Shark Whole | Science | News

A video from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that sharks are not immune to pray on their own. While a group of deep-sea sharks scavenged off the coast of South Carolina on a fallen swordfish, one of the dreaded beasts sadly became the food.

NOAA cameras were exploring the wreckage of the oil tanker SS Bloody Marsh, which had been sunk by a German U-boat during the war and is 450 meters deep, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) off the coast of South Carolina.

Using the NOAA remote-controlled Deep Discoverer (D2) ocean explorer, experts were able to get close to the wreck.

While they did, however, they didn’t expect a food frenzy, with several sharks devouring the “recently” deceased swordfish.

But things changed for the sharks, which are deep-sea sharks commonly called sleep sharks, when a grouper fish came along.

Apparently out of nowhere, the grouper fish – the species of which can grow up to six feet – dives in for its own dinner.

The grouper, also known as wreck fish, can be seen with a shark tail hanging from its mouth, while the tail flapping helplessly.

The researchers said it is extremely rare to witness a huge fish party on a shark.

Marine scientist Peter Auster of the University of Connecticut said, “You can’t plan things like this, especially in the deep ocean.

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The researchers also said it is rare to see a group of sharks eating together.

Sharks are notoriously solitary creatures and do not hunt in groups.

Mr. Auster added: ‘We don’t normally see deep sea sharks in a group or congregation unless there is a nearby patch of food.

“As relatively small apex predators, they spend a lot of time looking for prey.

“When there is a major food decline, such as a swordfish over 250 pounds, the ability to detect and locate the food and then maximize food intake is key to growth and survival.”