Seven Tyson employees have been fired after a betting investigation

WATERLOO, Iowa (KCRG) – Seven factory managers at Tyson Foods’ pig factory in Waterloo have been fired following an investigation into the number of COVID-19 cases reportedly occurring at the plant.

The betting allegations were filed in a lawsuit filed by family members of three employees who died of COVID-19 earlier this year.

An amendment to the lawsuit alleged that factory managers would be making bets on how many workers would test positive for the virus.

In total, five employees of the plant died of the virus and more than 1,000 tested positive.

Tyson released a statement on Wednesday saying that the investigation into the betting allegations has been completed and that seven factory managers have been fired.

“We value our people and expect everyone on the team, especially our leaders, to act with integrity and diligence in everything we do,” said Dean Banks, president and CEO of Tyson Foods in a written statement. “The behavior displayed by these individuals does not represent Tyson’s core values, so we have taken immediate and appropriate action to find out the truth. Now that the investigation is complete, we are taking action based on the findings. ”

Banks, and others within Tyson, traveled to Waterloo again in November and Wednesday to meet with workers at the factory.

A second amendment to the lawsuit claims that members of management lied to interpreters about COVID-19’s impact on the factory. Tyson has not released details of an investigation into that claim.

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