Scandal on Televisa! Hoy announcer suspended after sexual assault charges

Arturo Macías “El Turry” Televisa announcer has been banned (Photo: Arturo Macías – IG)

Actress Laura Pons revealed that when she was 17 years old, the announcer and voice of the Televisa program “Hoy”, Arturo “Turry” Macías invited her to a movie that ended in a motel.

Pons discovered this scandal and said the announcer took advantage of her situation and the trust her family had in her, and admitted there is no explanation as to why her parents let her out with him.

Faced with the allegation in the Ventaneando program, the Hoy show released a statement via its official Twitter account explaining that Arturo Macías will be suspended from production while authorities decide the situation.

The work that Arturo Macías will no longer be doing in Hoy was to present the different sections and capsules of the Televisa morning with his voice.

“I have been sexually assaulted by the announcer Arturo Macías. My family and I met him at a 15 year event, we were in a very vulnerable economic situation, we had a really bad time; he supported us with a number of radio products, such as records, so that they could sell them and we could move forward, ”said Pons.

The young actress related what the dark experience with the famous was like: “As they say out there, because nothing is free in this life, and he told me, ‘We are going to eat and go to the movies as friends for a while and nothing more’ ”.

Shocked by the story, the actress continued: “My parents, I wonder, how did they let me go with him? He was 17 years old, he was a minor. In his car he said, ‘Oh no Lau! We better go somewhere else to chat, to have a good time. ‘ And I ‘well, where is he going to take me?’ And well, my surprise was that he took me to a motel, ”he said.

Pons indicated she flatly refused and he took her anyway. “In the car I said ‘no Arturo, I don’t want to go’ and I got scared. He took off his clothes, at one point he even undressed completely, for me, and it was the first time I’d seen a naked man. And he got into a jacuzzi and told me ‘come Laura’, ”he said.

“I got in touch with him because he insisted and there, at some point he started to masturbate, I didn’t know anything about sexuality at that age, the truth, that is, I didn’t know anything, it would have been so shocked to me he said, “It’s a nightmare, I’m dreaming it, what am I doing here?” Laura continued.

After they got out of the jacuzzi they went to bed and Arturo Macías hugged and touched her without her permission, then he took out a condom and said to her “now then, now take everything off” but she took off her clothes didn’t matter and asked El Turry what was wrong with him, after which the announcer turned on the television and put pornography on it.

“I remember at one point he said to me ‘relax Lau’, and he gave me oral sex. The truth is, it didn’t get through to me, but it did, ”he explained, confirming that he will file a complaint with the authorities.

The actress closed the confession with a sea of ​​tears, explaining that she had not made her story public because she did not feel safe to say it.