Samsung’s ‘iTest’ allows you to try a Galaxy device on your iPhone

Samsung has launched “iTest”, an interactive website experience designed to let iPhone users test Android on a Galaxy device, or “taste the other side,” as Samsung calls it.

According to an MacRumors reader who came across the feature. By visiting the iTest website on an iPhone, users are prompted to install a web app on the home screen.

From there, tap the app to open the home screen of a simulated Galaxy smartphone, complete with a range of apps and setting options. You can open the Galaxy Store, apply themes and even access the messages and phone apps.

Samsung experience 1

You’ll get simulated phone calls to tell you about Galaxy features, as well as a series of messages, and there’s a camera tutorial from plumber and photographer Logan Dodds that walks through all of the photography options available.

There are a number of tips that appear as you navigate the interface to tell you about all the features that are inaccessible, and you can browse the Galaxy Wearable app with all of Samsung’s accessories.

Samsung experience reports

The Gallery app shows photos, there are tutorials for the Samsung Kids and Samsung Health apps, and the Settings app gives you information about some of the customization features available.

Samsung’s interactive experience is neat, and a few jokes have even been added to it. For example, if you go to the Settings app, tapping a setting says the experience was simplified “so our developer could take a lunch break.”

Samsung Experience settings

While Samsung seems to be promoting this New Zealand experience at this point, anyone can try it out. It’s a handy way to check out the features available on Galaxy devices if you don’t have one, and it’s definitely Samsung’s most ambitious effort yet to attract ‌iPhone‌ users.