Roundtable Discussion: How Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Max Extension With The Bucks Affects The Mavs

Jordan: Giannis coming off the board is fantastic for the Mavericks reality we live in, given their track record in free agency over the past decade. The front office is creative and savvy when it comes to Plan B and C options, so why not spend the next six months planning that?

Would it have been wild to watch a Luka-Giannis pick and roll? Certainly. But waiting the following summer to sign Giannis while snatching all the other quality-free agents wouldn’t have gone well.

Ultimately, this gives the Mavericks time to really do what they do best: trade. That’s what we should pay attention to in the coming months, and probably even next summer.

Sam: My thoughts are that I am sad. I know it was unrealistic, but if we can’t have hope in this world, can we have anything? Seriously though, I’ve seen the Mavericks “chase” on their hands free B-level agents like Pat Beverley and be played by the Danny Greens of the world. If the Mavericks are going to swing and miss (which is likely), I’d rather do that with Giannis than Kelly Oubre or Will Barton (who could be on the market this summer). The Mavericks have a lot of expiring contracts, so trading SZN should be fun.

Tim: As an NBA fan you like to see it. This should make sense to so many Mavericks fans because of the loyalty Dirk Nowitzki showed to this city and organization. I think you should have an extra level of respect for athletes who choose to stay with the organization that first brought them in and do whatever it takes to bring them championships.

Of course I was all for Giannis coming to Dallas, but that was simply because it was he who came to Dallas. But now that we Mavs Fans are free from that dream and I sit back and think about it… This is good for the NBA. This is good for the Milwaukee Bucks. This is helpful for the Dallas Mavericks – in the sense that we have more clarity as we enter a very important low season 2021.


Now that I have your attention, I just believe that. Such a talent would somehow crush the competition. But honestly, if Dallas can still get their hands on a really solid role player this summer, even at overpaid, I think they are in good shape.

Doyle: Landing Giannis always felt like a fever dream and at worst a made-up story meant to end up poking us through the stomach while staring into our eyes. Still, the idea that Giannis has a bond with Luka is so enticing that it’s impossible to scold anyone who brought up the idea.

Now that he’s in Milwaukee, I feel relieved. Dallas went to great lengths to free up cap space for a run at Giannis next summer (or when it’s off season). Now they have a fun nest egg to use and can explore their options instead of going all-in on one player. Past experience tells us that the strategy is not working out so well for the MAVs.

While Giannis has been locked up with the Bucks for a while, I still feel like there will still be plenty of rumors about his next move. Unfortunately, that means the Mavericks can still be lured in with a carrot on a stick. It’s something that’s probably a few seasons away from happening, but worth noting. In the meantime, enjoy Luka. He’s pretty good. The future is not yet written.

Josh: I pop champagne. This is the best thing that has happened to the Mavericks since they drafted Luka Doncic. I’m only partially joking.

The past 10 years of Mavericks Free Bureau history have told us all about where this went. It’s good to get it out of the way now, before the season starts, before the trading deadline, and months before the next free agency starts. The options for Dallas regarding upgrades have expanded exponentially – money set aside for Giannis next summer is now free to use for, well, everyone. Now the Mavericks can go all in on the trade deadline and be active when free agency kicks in, as opposed to shrugging shoulders and the “well we’re waiting for Giannis” plan.

Now what are those new options? I don’t really know. But the fact that Dallas is not required to have a max free agent months before the free agency starts is only good news. They are free. I’m sorry to those of you who had the legitimate hope that the Mavericks would change their maximum free agent luck, but this is in the interests of the franchise. Dallas already has two stars – there really isn’t that much work to do.

Ryan: As a student I have experienced several times that obtaining a certain grade for a final exam had major consequences for my grade. You spend weeks studying, preparing and planning. You get on the test, you do it, and you don’t know exactly how you did it. The next hours, sometimes days, are full of fear. Then you finally get your results, and it turns out you’ve failed. But wait, you feel relieved. You no longer have to wait. You know your fate, you accept it and now you can move on. That’s how Dallas’ hunt for Giannis has felt for me – if there was even one.

The Mavericks just missed a player who will be competing for the MVP every season for the foreseeable future, but in a way I’m relieved. The Mavericks can now focus on surrounding Luka and KP with Tier 2 players, building a roster of championships based on synthesis. Maybe Giannis had won 15 rings in Dallas. Maybe he had won zero. We don’t know the answer to that. What we do know is that the Bucks just delivered a massive solid to Dallas by keeping them from hitting through this summer and shooting themselves in the foot.

If you’re relieved, there’s still plenty of work to be done. If you’re concerned, Dallas still has the second best in the league that’s already at its best. Both can be true. All I know is that the scandalous assumptions and “I Spy” games on my timeline are finally over.

Kirk: I am mainly concerned with it. It’s nice to have this out of the way because it’s a topic of conversation. Now I’m interested in what Dallas does next. They have a lot of expiring contracts (Hardaway and James Johnson are players of value!) But the free agents aren’t that great. So there are a lot of options for the Mavericks, I’m sure, although I don’t know what they are. Let’s just enjoy it now.