Rouhani says Iran would rejoin the nuclear pact an hour after the US did so

Iran’s president suggested that Tehran would respect the Obama-era nuclear accord within an hour of the US rejoining the deal, something the president chose. Joe BidenJoe BidenHogan on Republicans Won’t Accept Election Results: ‘They’re Not on the Job’ Biden Tears Up Trump’s Refusal to Admit After Electoral College Election Senate GOP Warns Biden Not to Elect Sally Yates as Attorney General MORE has sworn to do.

The Guardian reported that President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran was poised to restart relations with the US under a Biden government, but warned of any planned changes to the 2015 agreement.

Rouhani also warned US and European allies to try to curtail Iran’s ballistic missile program, the paper added.

Biden has said repeatedly that he wants to reinstate the multinational deal with Tehran.

In September, he wrote in a CNN op-ed that if “Iran returns to strict adherence to the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for further negotiations.”

Biden said earlier this month that he was behind those comments.

In a speech in early December, the President-elect warned of the possibility of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

“And the last thing we need in that part of the world is a build-up of nuclear power,” he said.

The Trump administration left Iran’s nuclear accords in 2017, then accused Iranian officials of failing to live up to the “spirit” of the deal. European allies have urged Tehran to stay within the parameters of the deal, even as the US has pulled out and reintroduced crippling sanctions against Iran.

Iran has blamed US sanctions for its ongoing economic woes, including the difficulty of getting medical supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed more than 52,000 lives in the country, according to a Johns Hopkins University tracker. .