Roberto Moreira saves a painful draw for Motagua against Real Sociedad – Diez

Welcome to Real Sociedad – Motagua minute by minute!


THE GAME: Real Sociedad 3-3 Motagua

LAST: Motagua ties Real Sociedad on the hour and the match ends 3-3 on the difficult field of Tocoa.

90 & quot; GOOOOOOLLL FROM MOTAGUA! Roberto Moreira scores the score 3-3 in Tocoa with a header after a cross from Kevin López.

81 ‘ Josué Villafranca is reprimanded for angry complaints to Melvin Matamoros for an action in which the Motagüenses asked for a fine.

78 ‘Change in Motagua:
Registered: Matías Galvaliz
Left: Héctor Castellanos

76 ‘Change in Real Sociedad:
Registered: Kenneth Hernández
Left: José Tobías

76 ‘Change in Real Sociedad:
Introduced: Jorge Claros
Left: Christian Altamirano

75 ‘ José Tobías gets yellow for postponing the game in Tocoa.

71 & quot; GOOOOOOOLLLL FROM THE REAL SOCIEDAD! Horror at the departure of Marcelo Pereira and Christian Altamirano, centered from the right of Maykel Reyes, took advantage and headed the third of the aceiteros.

70 ‘Change in Motagua:
Introduced: Jessé Moncada
Left: Iván López

70 ‘Change in Motagua:
Registered: Kevin López
Left: Walter Martínez

70 ‘Change in Motagua:
Registered: Josué Villafranca
Left: Marco Tulio Vega


63 & quot; GOOOOOOOL OF THE REAL SOCIEDAD! Christian Altamirano sets parity in the race from eleven meters; 2-2 against Motagua.

62 ‘ Punishment in favor of the Royal Society. Wipe the hand in Omar Elvir’s area.

57 & quot; GOOOOOOLAAAZOOO FROM MOTAGUA! Iván “Chino” López bets the Blues advantage on Real Sociedad de Tocoa with a left footed shot after subtly removing José Tobías’s goal.

52 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Registered: Sergio Peña
Left: Carlos “Muma” Fernández

The complementary phase starts in Tocoa: Real Sociedad and Motagua go for the victory against Roberto Martínez Durón.

End of the first half: Motagua and Real Sociedad are 1-1 in Francisco Martínez Durón de Tocoa.

35 ‘ Motagua attacks the aceiteros with everything in search of the advantage target.

33 ‘ Motagua’s Wesly Decas got yellow for a hard foul against Brayan Rivera.

28 & quot; REAL SOCIEDAD GOOOOOLLL! Rony Martínez scores the draw against Motagua after Marcelo Pereira’s gross mistake; the attacker shoots and in the first attempt Marlon saves Licona, but in the second attempt he went down.

16 ‘ Goal invalidated for Real Sociedad by forward position of Rony Martínez.


8 & quot; GOOOOOLLL FROM MOTAGUA! Walter Martínez scores the first of the game against Real Sociedad.

STARTED! Real Sociedad and Motagua are already in action in Tocoa.

Real Sociedad lineup: Obed In Love; Riky Zapata, Breyner Bonilla, Sonny Fernández, Yeer Gutiérrez; Wilmer Fuentes, Brayan Rivera, José Tobías, Clinton Arzú, Christian Altamirano; Rony Martinez.

Alternates: Juan Pablo Domínguez, Robbie Matute, Kenneth Hernández, Kenrick Cárcamo, Maykel Reyes, Enuar Salgado, Osman Melgares, Jorge Claros, Maynor Antúnez, Willsy Wood, Jonatan Corzo, Danni Mejía.

Motagua lineup: Marlon Licona; Omar Elvir, Wesly Decas, Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos; Héctor Castellanos, Walter Martínez, Carlos Fernández; Iván López, Marco Tulio Vega and Roberto Moreira.

Today Real Sociedad and Motagua play the game that has been moved to date eight of the Clausura-2021.


Real Sociedad welcomes Motagua this afternoon in the Francisco Martínez de Tocoa. It is one of those rare games where the stakes are high. For those from Bajo Aguán it is life or death, they are points at home not to be missed because the descent is chasing you.

For the capital it is a duel in which they have to add three to cut distances Olympiad and stay in the fight for the group. This is one of the ingredients that give a special touch to this dedication that should be played on previous dates, but was shelved due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in real life.

The game is scheduled for 3.15 in the afternoon. Real society In the general table, they achieve this commitment with 13 points, three less than Real de Minas, which is also complicated but has already completed its matches. In the group table, he arrives with ambitions to get into the league, adding eight points, five less than the UPN which has 13 units.

This is how the Francisco Martínez de Tocoa stadium is located a few hours away before the Real Sociedad and Motagua clash. Thanks to photos

Unlike the Motagua who comes from a brake at home against Real de Minas, where it leveled and now it will try to recover that lost ground. Diego Vázquez already has a complete team after the return of his selected seniors and under 23s who rested.


The weather will be spectacular for the development of the game. The aceiteros played a regular game against Olimpia where the coach, Héctor Castellón, regretted giving away the first 10 minutes in which the albos scored two goals. Now against Motagua he cannot give any advantages because the Blues are a team with a very strong attack weight.


Real Sociedad v Motagua
Time: 3:15 pm
Transmite: TDTV +
Referee: Melvin Matamoros