Red Sea oil tanker four times the size of Exxon Valdez can now be spilled every day

A mammoth oil- tanker decays in the Red Sea, a threat to the water supply of millions of people and the world’s most resilient Coral reef.

Known as the Safer, the ship is 362 meters long and holds 1 million barrels (42 million gallons or 159 million liters) of oil in its 34 storage tanks. A Yemeni oil company owns the ship, which under normal circumstances requires constant maintenance to remain safe. With Yemen at war since 2014, the company has failed to maintain the ship at all. The Safer is abandoned and rusting near the Hudaydah harbor in Yemen, where it once served as a floating storage unit. Oil is now seeping into the water around the ship, causing a major leak, according to a new newspaper.