Razer’s Wild Face Mask concept becomes a real product

Razer has revealed that it will turn its reusable and wild-looking RGB face mask concept into a real product. Project Hazel was unveiled by Razer at CES 2021 this year. It is a “smart” face mask with a see-through panel and a built-in speech amplifier. It’s N95 grade so it filters 95% of the airborne particles and it also has a rechargeable ventilation system. A ring around the microphone features Razor’s CHROMA RGB lighting technology, so you can look like a cyberpunk while staying safe.

Razer CES 2021 – Project Hazel

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan told Yahoo Finance that “Project Hazel is going to be a reality.” “We thought, this is a concept project and will be relevant when vaccinations and everything is rolled out,” said Tan. “I think we’ve made further decisions – and I can tell you now – we’re going to continue realizing it and shipping the smart mask.” Tan explains that the reason for going ahead with the project comes down to the fact that mask wearing is likely to continue despite global vaccination projects. “We have realized that even with vaccinations we still hear that you still need to be masked because there is still a risk factor that even if you are vaccinated you still have to be incredibly careful. Second, there are also many countries that unlikely to get the whole thing [scale] of vaccinations in the next year or even two, so everyone should be very careful when traveling.

“So with that in mind, we’re going to continue to solve the durable aspect of the mask, which is one of the big things for us. Project Hazel is going to be a reality. We’re going to make it happen and I think we will, unfortunately. all wear masks for a long time. “

In other Razer news, we recently reviewed the Razer Nga X MMO Mouse, which scored an 8 and called it “a solid purchase.” Here’s an article on our favorite game-themed reusable and washable face covers if you can’t wait for Project Hazel.

Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.